The first time I heard Christian speak introducing himself to our new group, he made my jaw drop with the quality of his own rich, warm and resonant voice. It seems effortless but now I know the work that supports it.  

I also know that what he's taught me will support me throughout my future career, whether it's the indispensable processes and exercises he's showed us like the Resonance Ladder or the Three Suns, or the less tangible stuff. He fills all his classes with a calm, centred energy, and his gentle encouragement has brought us all so far.

It has been a privilege to share his incredible wealth of knowledge about the voice - until he writes his book and shares it with everyone!

Lina Haward - Poor School graduate


Christian is an absolute vocal legend, as well as being an incredibly humble person! He only needs to glance in your direction to know whether you're in correct alignment, holding tension or breathing correctly and he has taught me everything that I use today.

From vocal warm ups, Alexander Technique, Shakespeare and the treatment of text to the mechanics of the voice and vocal cords, Christian is your man. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with him these last two years. Thank you Christian!

Corrina Jane - Poor School graduate