Singing Lessons

Although the principles that apply to healthy voice and speech also apply to singing, there are some fundamental differences. Breath has to be sustained for longer  periods as do vowel sounds and pitch. A singer also has to work within a tighter framework of melody and rhythm. The voice also needs to project easily (and safely) above an accompaniment - whether it be piano, guitar or symphony orchestra. To enable this, developing resonance is of particular importance.

My approach to singing is a holistic one working firstly with the body and alignment of the head, neck shoulders and back. This is followed by looking at breath, the spoken sound as well as the sung, starting the sound, forming vowels and consonants and developing resonance. I also work on repertoire. My own specialities as a singer are Baroque Oratorio and Opera, Classical Opera and Song, German Lieder and Russian Song.

I am particularly experienced in teaching choristers and young singers and working with the 'breaking' voice. I have prepared many students for the ABRSM grade examinations.

Fees per hour: 

Adults (18+) £50.00.  Set of six lessons - £250.00 

Children and students £40.00.  Set of six lessons - £200.00 

Christian Fellner
07961 880 716