Voice Lessons - How I work...

I usually work from my home in Teddington, South West London, which is within easy reach of Richmond (Bus R68, 33), and Kingston (Bus 281, 285), and on a direct line from London Waterloo (approximately 30 minutes).

During the first session we will discuss your voice and what you hope to achieve through voice work. I will then plan a programme of work aimed at improving your voice and the way it functions. This will include exercises aimed at releasing unwanted tension, improving breath capacity, developing range, flexibility, and resonance, and strengthening the speech muscles.

The amount of time needed to bring about lasting improvements will vary, of course, depending on the individual. Some people come for weekly lessons over a period of several months, while others come fortnightly or monthly. But regular lessons are important - especially during the early stages - in order for the work to deepen and develop, and results can usually be felt after four to six sessions.

Fees per hour:

Adults (18+) £50.00

Children and Students £40.00 


I offer a six week individual intensive voice skills course covering posture and alignment, breathing, connection of breath to sound, resonance and articulation - £250.00


Christian Fellner
07961 880 716